Many of you are making the switch to using Gmail’s website for your default email browser. I’ve had a few of you ask how do you make a link to an email address on a website open Gmail and let you send an email to that email address.

When you are on a website like Direct Connect and you see an email address in a message and you click on it the browser typically opens up your email client like Mail or Outlook, this can be frustrating for a user like yourself that uses Gmail in the web browser. Google recognizes this and has made a Google Chrome extension to help solve this very issue. If you use Safari for your web browser scroll past this set of instructions and I’ll explain now to do this same thing in Safari.

Chrome – Change the email event handler to Gmail ^

  1. Open Gmail using Chrome web browser
  2. Click on the double diamond icon to the right of the address box
  3. Select the first option, “Allow”
  4. Click “Done”

To be 100% sure all links on websites that have an email address associated with them are opened in Gmail you can do the following as well:

Chrome – How to install the Send from Gmail Chrome Extension ^

  1. Click on this link while in Google Chrome web browser
    Send from Gmail (by Google)
  2. Click the blue “Add to Chrome” button on the top right
  3. Click “Add Extension”
  4. Right click on the new red and white envelope icon with the blue arrow pointing right in the bar to the right of the address bar and click “Options”
  5. In the first box where it asks “Enter the domain name of your Google Apps for your domain account:”  type in:
  6. Press Save at the bottom of the screen
  7. Close the tab.

Protip: If you click on this new envelope button while on a website it will compose a new email with the link to the website you are on to anyone you like.

From now on any link that has an email address when clicked will open Gmail for you to send them an email using your email address.

Safari – How to install the Mailto: Safari Extension ^

  1. Click on this link Mailto: Safari Extension while in Safari web browser
  2. Click on “Install Now”
  3. Select Gmail from the list of email services
  4. Close the tab

Now all email links will open in Gmail so you can send that person an email.

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