To add an image to a group message, quick email, mail merge, or form, you will first need to host it so it has a URL (web address). Once the image is hosted, you may easily add the image to any text box that supports images in Direct Connect. 1

Preparing your image (optional) ^

Resize your image to be no larger than 600px wide. You can do this using a photo editor (Photoshop), Preview on a Mac or using an online tool such as

Uploading your image ^

The first step is to upload the image to a Group’s file library. Any Group may be used, even if the recipients do not belong to it. One suggestion is to create an unlisted Group to house all images. Once you have chosen the group that you would like to host the image, go to that Group’s homepage and click Upload a file from the Actions menu. Staff__IT___EvFree_Fullerton_-_Direct_Connect

From the files pop-up, click  and select the image you would like to upload. Make sure that the Require login checkbox is not checked.


After you upload the image to a Group (making sure not to require login), you’ll be taken to the All Files view for that group. Right click on the name of the file you just uploaded and copy the URL for the image. If you are accessing a file that you have previously uploaded, you will need to make sure and click *View all files* at the bottom of the page.


Each browser has unique text for copying a link, but you should see something like Copy Link Address, Copy Shortcut or Copy Link.


Using your image ^

Within a message, email, or mail merge, click the image icon in the formatting toolbar. Or, in a form, go to the Form Settings tab and select select Rich text on next to the Description to locate the image icon.


In the Image pop-up window, paste the URL of your hosted image into the URL text field.

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 9.37.10 AM


You can adjust the height and width of any image within the image popup window.

  If the place you are attempting to display the image doesn’t have an image button (For instance an a Room) you’ll need to construct the html yourself using this format

<a href="" target="_blank">Click to View Standard Room Setup</a>


  1. An updated version of this document is maintained by CCB in their help, we’ve rewritten it to be more specific to our needs. Adding an Image to a Message or Mail Merge
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