Instructions on how to setup your print code for the Xerox printers on campus.

How to save a preset to remember your print code ^

  1. Open a document and click File and then Print
  2. Select the Xerox printer you want to configure
  3. Click on Layout dropdown and select Xerox Features
  4. Select the next dropdown Paper/Output and select Advanced

  5. Click on Accounting… button

  6. From here click on the drop down and select Xerox Network Accounting.
  7. For the Default User ID and Default Account ID input the 4 digit code assigned to you.

  8. Press OK
  9. Save this change as a preset, click Presets: and then Save Current Settings as Preset…

  10. Change the name of the saved preset to something indicating the 4 digit code is saved
  11. Name the preset something like “Default Settings-with pin code”

  12. Make sure this preset is selected, it should now become the new default preset

  13. Press Print and the new preset will be used to print the document using the new pin.













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